Reach Truck VRT Electric Sit-on Pallet Stacker KM.RPS Electric Pedestrian Pallet Stackers KMS.AC , KM.ACElectric Pallet Trucks KH.BS, KH.LS ,KH.HS, KH.RPSHand Operated /Hand-towed battery operated Pallet Stackers KBX, KBE Warehouse

     Our production range:

Reach Truck VRT (still under development) - is a modern solution for intensive handling of palletized loads in racked pallet storage with narrow aisles from 2,8m and lifting heights up to 9,0m

Electric Sit-on Pallet Stacker KM.RPS with support arms - designed for intensive handling (storage/retrieval and transport) of palletized loads for over medium travel distances and medium to high racks from 4.5m to 6.5 m - acceptable Reach truck’s alternative for the specified range of parameters.

Electric Pedestrian operated Pallet Stackers KMS.AC (suitable for heavy duty application)

Electric Pedestrian operated Pallet Stackers KM.AC (suitable for light duty applications and mid to height duty applications)

Electric Pallet Trucks KH (suitable for light and mid to height duty applications)

Hand Operated and Hand-towed battery operated Pallet Stackers, type KBX and KBE

Warehouse equipment – platform trolleys, carts, and s.o. 


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Марио Русинов 10 Aug 2015 13:35

Електрокарите на „ВЕНИ и Ко” ООД са много добри машинки. Маневрени и лесни за експлоатация и поддръжка.Оказват и добра сервизна дейност за карите и повдигачите.

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