Interantional transport, forwarding, logistic, overdimentional transports, transports of danger goods, grupage service. Destinations: EU-Asia, EU-Near East. Export and import.

Main activities:
Road transport of complete, groupage and overdimensional loads, including import, export, transit – Europe – Asia, as well as domestic transports.

Main destinations:

  • Bulgaria – Scandinavia – Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria – Western Europe – Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria – Balkan Region – Bulgaria
  • Europe – Iran, Iraq – Europe
  • Europe - Middle East and Central Asian Region /Azerbaycan,  Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, etc. – Europe
  • -Transits

 We offer:

  • Railway transport
  • Containers
  • Multimodal and combined transports, including – river-sea, truck-wagon, truck-wagon-container, etc.
  • Logistic services, including Transport management, monitoring, tracking and tracing, transport marketing, development of optimal transport schemes and technologies, control of the quality of the transport service.


  • Bulgarian forwarding and transport companies – more than 100 forwarding and over 300 transport companies with over 1500 trucks, accomplishing transports from/to every point of Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.

Over 20 forwarding companies and agents of container lines are accomplishing transports services 'door to door'.

Over 20 forwarding companies are accomplishing railway transport from/to every point of Europe.


  • Foreign forwarding and transport companies – over 30 multinational companies and corporations: Pan Alpina, Schenker, Danzas, Kuehne & Nagel, M&M, Willi Betz, Ferovia Sped, Balkan transport, Magelan, Timeline Ltd, Combitrans AB, etc.

 Key accounts

  • Key accounts around Bulgaria: HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO, STIND, Straldzha Ceramic, CELHART, Florina, Rey Holding, Sofia Med Ipoma, ABB Avangard, Vidima ideal, Radomir industries and many others.

  • Foreigh key accounts: Peugeot – France, Renault – France, Sandvik , ABB AB, Volvo truck corp, Volvo Penta AB, Volvo Logistics corp., Volvo construction equipment, Lesfors Fjader AB, Munkzo papire, PS consulting HB, Silver weibull Aw.AB, TPS components AB, Norden machinery, Ecolean AB, M/S secot.AB, CMA Skandinavia AB – Sweden, Tamrock, Finpap,OY Lesjofors AB – Finland, Danisko AS - Denmark and others.



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Кръстьо Халачев 09 Jul 2015 14:56

Много добре работиме с тая фирма и знаеме че стоката ни винаги ще е доставена навреме и в добър търговски вид. Сменхихме няколко фирми за спедиция и международни превози но от тая сме най доволни. Много са точни.

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