'Uncle Charly' Ltd. is a Bulgarian manufacturer of ice cream. We make large variety of ice creams - on stick, cones, cups, home packages.

UNCLE CHARLY is a family company which makes high quality ice creams at best price for that quality on the Bulgarian market.

UNCLE CHARLY introduces ice cream novelties. Unlike big companies we are not troubled by frames and corporate rules and we can afford to develop and launch products that meet the latest trends in healthy living ang good taste.

UNCLE CHARLY takes care about each product and 'raises' it as a child. Every single product has individual advantage and the reason for it our will to be a leader in the branch. Exactly this desire for perfection ensures to the customer the best possible quality combined with its individual needs for healthy living, entertaiment or joy of the taste.

CHOCOBALL with added probiotic – the helpful ice cream. 98% of children and 89% of adults consume ice cream and this is making it the most suitable product for adding probiotic. The useful features of probiotics are well known – improving of metabolism, strengthening of immunity and lots more.

All UNCLE CHARLIE'S ice creams have indication for 'controlled portion of calories'. On the wrapping has a yellow sign which shows the exact value of the calories.

Italian series of UNCLE CHARLIE'S ice creams are the 'compromise' between taste and calories.

ALTIMA – 'The delisious' ice cream with real chocolate icing.

ALTIMA sweet baby – ALTIMA'S 'baby'. The same delisious ice cream but with reduced weight.

AMERICAN D'LIGHT – unique ice cream taste based on original american recipe, with bits of real fruit, put in huge crispy cone and 'sealed with a kiss' from white chocolate.

SUGAR FREE – the series of ice creams developed especially for diabetics.


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Най-любимата ми марка сладоледи. Наситен аромат, страхотен вкус и хитри комбинации. Обожавам шоколад с портокал или плодовите на американ дилайт, а и цените са нищожни. Пет звезди отвсякъде! Невероятен!

Ani Ignatova 03 Jun 2015 11:44


Вкусни, ароматни, с красив дизайн. Прекрасни сладоледи! Дано се предлагат на повече места!

Ани Върбанова 26 May 2015 14:03

Супер сладоледи! И аз, и детето ми ги обожаваме. Страхотен вкус на много добра цена. Само бих искала да ги намирам на повече места.

златка петрова 25 Apr 2014 10:10

сладоледите на 'Чичо Чарли' ЕООД,са най вкусните сладоледи.Обожавам Рафаело.

георги грутков 13 Jul 2013 21:52


на мен пък много ми харесва американ ди лайт вереша ям по 5-6 на ден

Това е най-вкусния сладолед!Радвам се, че и в нашия малък град Септември го предлагат!Опитайте!


Сладоледът Рафаело ми е любимият - има прекрасен вкус на кокос и много вкусна шоко-заливка - хрупкава и разтапяща, веднага след отваряне капака на кутията. Препоръчвам ви да опитате!

Виолета Колева 22 Sep 2012 14:19

Сладоледи uncle Charli

Прекрасен Сладолед. Къде в София мога да си купя от него?

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