Hygiene has never been easier! Try any one of the ultra-soft napkins from our Alvesta Classic Napkin Series to further enhance your table settings.

Our firm started commercial life in 2012 has been producing products in its plant to produce, distribute the real quality and cleaning and present them to the customers under the brand name Swordson for offering healthy life with the best quality products. Swordson –as a preferred brand in the country and abroad- providing with the service in the country and abroad has proven its quality and reliability in the most accurate manner

100% pure and best quality cellulose products produced by Swordson without any touch by human hands with the environmentalist facilities equipped with the latest technology are in your kitchen as paper towel, soft toilet paper in your toilet, and napkin in your pocket, under reliability of Swordson.


Alvesta feature unique ridges that quickly and effectively absorb messes and leave surfaces clean and dry. That’s why you and your family can count Alvesta ™ Towels to provide a sensible balance of value and performance.


Swordson gaining value and growing from the very first day, shall continue to include new customers to its portfolio growing every day. First of all, our primary goal is being a brand directing the sector and being successful in global sense. Swordson to work in customer satisfaction in all areas from production to marketing and after sale relations shall insure its customers to understand at all time that the service is its lifestyle.


Swordson knowing that hygiene and cleaning habit is obtained at young ages as one of the most important elements of personal development works to be the most reliable brand in Turkey. Our primary mission is to work for offering all our quality and reliability to our consumers with our investments and the value we give to innovative ideas.

Swordson working to offer new product to the market and supporting the idea generation works therefore shall continue to provide customer satisfaction as per the needs, and shall be in continuous improvement efforts when conducing such.

Environmental policy

Swordson producing 100% pure and best quality cellulose products without compromising quality does not compromise environmentalist policies in provision of this quality and hygiene consciousness. Swordson providing all raw materials from the suppliers operated legitimately having the required certifications gives priority to the firms giving more than they took.
Swordson proven the sustainable resource and raw material understanding with certificate it has decreases the energy and raw material consumption to the significant extent when increasing the product output quantity with the technology preferred and used. Swordson performing the legal requirements in all subjects from the first step to the purification provides services about recycling, purification and respect to raw material, as a sample brand.

Our brands:

  • Alvesta - producing paper napkin, towels and paper tissues as the most important element of personal hygiene does not produce only cleaning products but includes hygiene in every area of your life. Alvesta assembling the environmental friendly products in the most sensitive and softest manner produces products that will address your skin and hygiene.
  • Calderon Max - knowing that cleaning is a whole brings hygiene to every point in your home and your business, and insures perfect cleaning effortlessly. Calderon Max bringing superior performance and wide range of products provides you with perfect cleaning products that you look for.
  • Mis Mak - produced for providing hygiene and comfort deserved by our children as the our biggest treasure provides everything that you and your baby need. Mis Mak guaranteeing you and your baby to have joyful moments gives the sleep and hygiene as the most important needs of your baby with maximum comfort.

Contact us:

Swordson Ltd: Factory

Severna Promishlena Zona 1 Karnobat, Bulgaria
Call Us: +359 559 21 111



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