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We offer our customers and OEM partners a wide range of LED lamps: street, underwater, underground, office and etc. All of our lamps are 100% tested and with 4-5 years warranty. We can design custom specified LED system, to meet your requirements.

The Company are designing, prototyping and producing electronics for High LED technologies for several companies in this field in Europe and all over the world.

All the products designed and produced by LumyComp design Ltd. used sertified, high quality LEDs produced by leading European , American and Japanese companies( OSRAM, CREE,LUXEON,NICHIA) and are with high reliability, high quality and 100% outgoing control of each of our products and 100% warranty for 4-5 years.

We are also your reliable OEM partner for the modern high power, high quality and high reliability LED technologies and LED products.


  • LED emitters
  • LED lamps
  • Wide range LED Street and underwater lamps
  • LED lamps for solar, wind and battery green energy sources ( renewable)
  • Dimmable LED ligh bulbs
  • LED strip
  • LED drivers (for 220V and 12V/24V)
  • LED tubes T5/T8/T10, 60,90,120,150sm
  • DMX control for RBG modules
  • Sock-adapters for LED lamps
  • Protection modules against electrical overload, overheating, ESD/lighning discharge protection.


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Паботим с фирма ЛУМИКОМП ДИЗАЙН от години и от техните LED лампи сме много доволни.

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