Company "Deimos" Ltd. is a cable operator offering telecommunication services for the transmission of TV and the Internet in the region of Pazardzhik.Kompaniyata is oriented to the needs of customers with high quality services.

About us:

"Deimos" Ltd is a local operator offering services in Rakitovo municipality (town of Rakitovo, gr.Kostandovo, Dorkovo village). Priority "Deimos" Ltd is to establish the company as a company providing services in the sphere of cable television and broadband. "Deimos" Ltd. operates its own transmission environment and innovation.

What we offer:

• Television

You can choose from a large number of programs in Bulgarian, as well as numerous sports, film, music, children's, documentary, educational and exclusive channels. Each one of them reaches you with guaranteed quality and first class service.

 - Analog TV - 69 channels
- Digital TV - 114 programs

• Internet

 Production house "DEIMOS" has the necessary specialists and equipment for the creation of various media products. We have our own studio for video shooting and editing. The company aims at the realization of high-quality video productions.

What we offer:

• Promotional videos
• Advertising and music videos
• Video shows
• Documentaries
• Captures festivals and concerts
• Translation and subtitling of films and video

Advertising rates:

1. Advertising reportage to 1 minute - 59lv.
2. Relkamen clip up to 30 seconds - 40 BGN.
3. Rekalmno message up to 30 seconds - 10 leva.
"Deimos" Ltd. reserves the right to change the prices of service at any time without prior notice to users.

Where to find us:

g. Rakitovo, ul. "Hristo Botev" 3A
Phone: 03542 / 34-24
For damage and accidents:
03542 / 34-24; 0886 / 581-046


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