Nondestructive, destructive testing and electrical measurements, life prediction of materials and structures, integrated quality systems consulting. Technical inspections and survey. Conformity assessment of transportable pressure equipment.

Non destructive testing of materials
• Radiographic testing
• Ultrasonic testing; Ultrasonic thickness measurements and Ultrasonic lamination inspection
• Dye Penetrant testing
• Magnetic – particle testing
• Eddy Current testing
• Thickness measurement of coatings
• Visual and endoscope inspection
• Leak testing
• Insulation discontinuity examination (Holliday test)
• Hardness measurements
• Vibration measurements
• Chemical spectral analyses of materials
• X-ray alloy analyses
• Spectral alloy analyses

Destructive testing of materials
• Tensile strength
• Yield stress
• Reduction AF
• Elongation AF
• Bending test
• Impact bending test
• Macro structure of carbon and low alloy steel

Electrical measurements up to 1000V:

• Impedance of “Phase-protective conductor” circuit
• Resistance of earthing and lighting-arrestor systems;
• Insulation resistance;
• Protection circuit breakers;

Technical survey - According to Appendix I, Item 2 from

• Boilers – steam and water heating with power over 116.3kW
• Vessels - PS<16bar; TS<200°C and 100 • Vessels for refrigerating systems
• Pipelines for steam 6bar • Elevators and other lifting equipment
Technical Inspections and supervising

Dimensional and document control; Test and assembly witness;
Expediting and processes review
Life prediction of materials and constructions


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