Working with us,you will have a loyal partner for your usual and routine projects for advertising materials.The variety of VIP presents and brands that we offer guarantees the high quality that you need to achieve your advertising goals.

BY SURPRISE is one of the largest importers of promotional advertising gifts and textiles. The agency specializes in the manufacture and supply of promotional products and promotional gifts - umbrellas, shirts, hats, backpacks, briefcases, folders, pens, USB memory, notebooks, calendars and many other advertising and promotional items at very good prices and delivery conditions.

Unconventional solutions in the Product Advertising is the logo of our company. Promotional materials and souvenirs that we offer have been carefully selected to meet the requirements of the dynamic business environment. We are the official representative of leading companies in the field of promotional items - business gifts, corporate promotional gifts, current seasonal promotional items, promotional office supplies, promotional textiles.

Agency is constantly marketing research to track trends in the field of corporate, green ideas, Christmas, New Year, Easter and any thematic standard and custom versions of the product advertising.

BY SURPRISE is an expert in the implementation of unique designs for promotional materials and souvenirs. Production of product advertising media by individual design - clocks, trays, matches, toys, notebooks, coin and many other articles at short notice and producer prices. Agency team offers customized solutions for print and logo branding on different surfaces.

BY SURPRISE will forward your message:
Anywhere and at any time - when you're at exhibitions, trade shows, organize conferences, presenting a new product, when you have a corporate event, conduct trainings, celebrate anniversaries, plan special events or send Christmas greetings.

Green concept BY SURPRISE:
BY SURPRISE follows the latest trends in product advertising and focuses its efforts toward the realization of ECO gifts made of recycled materials, eco leather, fully recyclable products and varieties of energy-saving items. Green concept BY SURPRISE occupies an increasing portion of the portfolio.

Here you can find the full range of promotional items, promotional products, promotional textiles, unique custom and standard solutions responding to your requirements.

We guarantee high quality, short terms and at competitive prices.






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Разговарях с хората от By Surprise по телефона, питайки за конкретни артикули - визитници, които да бъдат брандирани. Любезна дама ни покани на среща, за уточнение на някои детайли и за визуализация на семпълите, които планираше да направи. Останах очарован, а в последствие и колегите ми, както и нашите клиенти! Материалите, които са използвали са отлични, цената дори падна малко, защото поръчахме и супер атрактивни револвинг ключодържатели :) На всеки етап от подготвянето и изработката, бяхме информирани надлежно, което им прави чест. Всяка подробност беше ясна за нас, и все пак готовите артикули бяха по-добри от очакваното.С две думи - препоръчвам ги!

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