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Full accounting services to small and medium enterprises; insurance; Payroll and personnel; VAT; annual accounting services; registration of companies and others from Account Consult.

 We "Kemanov Consult" provide professional accounting services to companies from various sectors of the economy. Deal with individual attention and responsibility to our clients, spyastyavayki all his negatives in Goscinny.

Our team consists of qualified specialists with higher economic education and professional experience required to meet 100% of our iziskevaniyata.

The company "Kemanov Account" has the necessary accounting, sales, warehouse and Payroll software. We have digital certificates for electronic signature and with the possibility of on-line Banking and exchange of information with our customers electronically.

Customers are most important to us, so always take into consideration their needs and desires. Trust us! We have individual approach to each of its customers. We could be your personal consultant on financial and accounting issues!

Offered services:

1. Subscription accounting services

• accrual accounting documents
• preparation and submission NRA diaries and VAT declaration
• Payroll, insurance
• submission of declarations 1 and 6;

2. Accounting, tax and employment insurance advice
3. Representation Intrastat
4. One-off services

• annual closure -sastavyane annual reports and annual tax returns
• registrations and re-registrations of companies
• preparation of tax returns for individuals
• preparation of documents and reports for applying for credit
• preparation of reports and statements to NSI occasion to reach statistical sampling

5. Publication of Annual Financial Statements
6. Administrative services
7. Personnel Administration / Payroll and /
8. Accounting online survey
9. Tax address

In the "Annual Statements" in our site you can learn about all the reports that are zadalbzhitelni for publication in the year.

Depending on the specific needs of the customer, the price can vary and each case is negotiated individually, so if you want to get your individual offer accounting services, please send a request to our office.

We Kemanov Consult can help you to comply with upcoming deadlines with the "Calendar" and "Links" our site using the "useful."

Where to find us:

C. Varna, ul. Troleyna 10 fl. 2 / WCT to Varna /
Contact: 0887 / 939-383
0888 / 140-518
Hours: 09: 00h - 17: 00h


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