Non-traditional Medicine in Bulgaria


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Sofia, 5 fl., 16A Zlaten rog str.

The 'PHYSIOTHERAPY BIO CENTER' was created to treat, restore, maintain and care for the physical health of our clients. The center is qualified in Physiotherapy and Physical Medicine. With us you can count on professionalism and the highest quality.

SMILO - Agency for quality and safety of goods

Phone number: 029461254; 0888543141

Sofia, Yavorov Nbh., bl. 23, ent. 1, ap. 3

Agency SMILO is a leading company in the field of foodmedicines, food supplements and cosmetics. Agency SMILO launched food supplement MAOLO used when. We need to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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Address: Sofia, Ovcha kupel,ul.Narodno horo 10

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Address: Sofia, Lyulin 7 bl. 712 ent. V

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Address: Varna, Gen.I.V.Gurko 49

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Address: Burgas, 7 ent., 57 bl., Bratya Miladinovi nbh.