Medical Laboratories in Varna


Varna, bul. Saborni 24, Stomatologiyata, et.3



Germany, Meininge, Herpfer Strasse 31


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phone: 052605345

address: Varna, Polk. Sveshtarov 5, партер


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address: Varna, Vladislav Varnenchik 186


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address: Varna, Tsar Osvoboditel 100


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address: Varna, Knyaginya Mariya-Luiza 4


phone: 052605345

address: Varna, Polkovnik Sveshtarov 5


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address: Varna, bul. Tsar Oasvoboditel 100


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address: Varna, Slivnitsa,dom Mladost


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address: Varna, bul. Republika, Meditsinski ts-r Mladost, et.1, sken


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address: Varna, ul. Gen. Stolipin 18