Logistics in Ruse


Haren, Germany, Eichenstrasse 58


Metallbau Emmeln has been specializing in special-purpose constructions for 30 years. All offered containers are new productions.


Germany, Uetersen, Katharinenstrasse 27


For more than 25 years, hanseatic HandelsContor has been purchasing surpluses of products and remaining stocks from German retail and German industry and exports them to over 40 countries.


phone: 082845494; 082844382

Ruse, Iztochna promishlena zona, pristanishte Ruse iztok, administrativna sgrada, fl. 3


'Spedeks Logistics' Ltd. was founded in 2006 The company is river transport, domestic and international road transport, heavy and gp transport, port forwarding, shipping, customs brokerage and representation.


Germany, Kerpen, Alfred-Nobel-Strasse 24-44


Warehouse floors, draw-pull shelves, cantilever shelves


Germany, Duesseldorf, Am Trippelsberg 105


Welcome to Max Goll GmbH Thank you for your interest in our products. We are happy to answer all your questions. Please contact us!


phone: 0897 846 364 ; 0897 846 363

Dve Mogili, bul. Bulgaria 93



Germany, Osterroenfeld, August-Borsig-Strasse 11


Key service provider for procurement, warehousing and distribution logistics.


Germany, Zweibruecken, Muenchener Strasse 1


Lifting devices, blister packs, quality control


Sofia, bul. Bratya Bakston 69



Austria, Stockerau, Heid-Werkstrasse 13


KWS is one of the pioneers of mobile on board weighing.


Marburg, Germany, Emil-von-Behring-Strasse 76


Welcome to Pharmaserv GmbH & Co. KG! Thank you for your interest in our products. We are happy to answer all your questions. Please contact us!


Germany, Hannover, Springrad 4


mydocking offers a variety of spare parts from renowned manufacturer of loading technology and loading systems, e.g. dock levellers, loading ramps, control systems, dockshelters and accessories.


Germany, Heinsberg, Otto-Hahn-Strasse 19a


Engineering, production, distribution and logistics for machines and plants for industrial hot melt adhesive dispensing. SM Coating GmbH is part of the SM group.


phone: 0887 929 154

address: Ruse, Dorostol 43А


phone: 082848686

address: Ruse, Charodeyka yug


phone: 082828564

address: Ruse, ul. TETs Iztok 9


phone: 082844047

address: Ruse, Kiev 11, bl. Сметана ent. А fl. 2


phone: 052829022

address: Ruse, bul. Bulgaria 125


phone: 0897 676 943

address: Ruse, Drujba 3, ul. Nikola Vaptsarov, bl. 23


phone: 0886 565 107

address: Ruse, Bulgaria 310