Information Services in Bulgaria


Sofia, Lozenets, bul. Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi 14 fl. 1, ofis 2

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KOTA - 2000

Panagyurishte, Induktrialen park Optikoelektron

Phone number: 056 996498

Address: Burgas, Baba Ganka 4

Phone number: 052 599 690

Address: Varna, Slivnitsa 191

Phone number: 07120 2110

Address: Dolna Banya, Targovska 134

Phone number: 073 885624

Address: Blagoevgrad, Georgi Izmirliev 1

Phone number: 0700 300 70

Address: Sofia, Darvenitsa ul. Ravnogor 1