Garden Centres and Shops in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0887681000

Stara Zagora, 77 Dimitar Naumov Str.

Landscape architecture, irrigation systems Hunter.


Phone number: 0896824478; 0896824480

Sofia, 1 Deliyska vodenitsa str.

Balcony and bedding plants, flowering pot plans. Deliveryes to retail shops allover the country. Arrangements ordered by retailers and companies.

Phone number: 088 7974001

Address: Novi Iskar, ul. Kiril i Metodiy 18

Phone number: 02 8738127

Address: Sofia, G.S.Rakovski 122 ent. A

Phone number: 088 921 75 23

Address: Karlovo, Obshtinski pazar

Phone number: 02 9216360

Address: Sofia, Evropa 171