Gold and Silver Jewellery

There is great variety of competitors in this business field - big and small jewelry retailers, representatives of famous brands, companies which work with designers or others that rely on designs developed by computer software.
Some of the small jewellry workshops offer a wide range of services: from developing the design of the jewel (it can be based on clients’ ideas and imagination) to the complete craft of the jewellry. Here is a short list of some of the services offered by small and middle jewellry studios.

1.Computer visualizations and 3 D moulding
2.Moulding of client’s models.
3.Hand and automatic finery
4.Antioxidant covering
5.Producing of chains (size and shape by client’s commission )

Quality Certificates Jewellry producers certify materials of their work – gold silver and platinum sterling, as well as carats, clarity and colour of precious stones. Brand jewels usually have guarantee and warranty certificates.

Materials and Allergic reactions: Nickel is considered as one of the most common agents of allergies. Therefore jewels, containing nickel are forbidden in EU. Nevertheless nickel is one of the components of medical steel. Even though precious metals are considered to be antiallergic materials silver is not recommended for first worn earrings or piercing jewels because of its high chemical reactivity.

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