Glues, Paints, Varnishes and Solvents Manufacturing in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0888435398

Varna, 40 Kapitan Petko Voivoda Str.

Perfect Colors Ltd. as an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of CASATI factory offers experience and professionalism, high quality, wide range of environmental products in more than 800 000 colors at affordable prices for everyone.

Phone number: 038 662828

Address: Haskovo, Podem 2

Phone number: 088 7853495

Address: Plovdiv, Kiril Hristov 8

Phone number: 02 4001850

Address: Sofia, Makedoniya 1, sgrada KNSB,et.12

Phone number: 02 4900344

Address: Sofia, ul. Lui Ayer 59

Phone number: 0882650399

Address: Ruse, 3-ti mart 21

Phone number: 088 5253365

Address: Parvomay, Buzludzha 3