Galvanic, Cold and Thermal Processing in Bulgaria


Sliven, ul. TSar Simeon 59

machines and equipment as textile machinery, universal and CNC machine tools, flexible machining lines and cells for the automotive industry, automatic systems, hydraulic components and systems have been manufactured.



Our objective is to offer industrial customers the complete solution for production of parts, assembled parts and products, which saves time, management effort, control costs, and guarantees quality of product and security of supply.

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Address: Plovdiv, ul. Rogoshko shose 18

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Address: Sofia, TSarigradsko shose,7 km bl. 24 ent. V

Address: Panagyurishte, G.Benkovski 75

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Address: Sofia, Sliven 16

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Address: Sevlievo, Iztochna promishlena zona

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