Furniture Shops in Burgas


Phone number: 0875232807

Burgas, Slaveykov bl. 159 fl. 1

Interior Design Center VERTIKALI is based on competent interconnection between designers, importers, producers and executors. We give an aesthetic and functional meaning to the space and reach a high level of performance and quality of materials.


Burgas, Slaveykov bl. 55

'Designgroup' Ltd. is an importer of high quality indoor and outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants and homes. The collections present worldwide renowned names in the manufacturing and furniture design. A wide variety of products, large stocks.

Phone number: 056 842976

Address: Burgas, Slivnitsa 37

Phone number: 056 813 972

Address: Burgas, Vardar 1

Phone number: 056 853 716

Address: Burgas, Meden rudnik bl. 468