Furniture Manufacturing in Burgas


Burgas, Slaveykov bl. 55

'Designgroup' Ltd. is an importer of high quality indoor and outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants and homes. The collections present worldwide renowned names in the manufacturing and furniture design. A wide variety of products, large stocks.

Phone number: 089 9906167

Address: Burgas, Fakiyska 3

Phone number: 056 881 177

Address: Burgas, Severna promishlena zona zad KAT

Phone number: 056 872811

Address: Burgas, Sarafovo ul. Angel Dimitrov 79

Phone number: 056 843 084

Address: Burgas, ul. Industrialna 15

Phone number: 088 7210307

Address: Burgas, Meden Rudnik ul. Alen mak 34

Phone number: 088 8724602

Address: Burgas, Izgrev bl. 116