Human Resources Selection and Management in Bulgaria


Phone number: 088 7296288

Sofia, Sveta Troytsa bl. 145

Antal International Network is an award-winning recruitment partner with a 22-year experience focusing on seamless national, international and cross-border direct talent searches for key and managerial roles.

CHR Services

Phone number: 0898686805

Sofia, Obelya Nbh., 228 Lomsko shose Blvd.

CHR Services is a company located in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, specializing in sourcing and matching staff for the individual needs of the tourism industry.


Phone number: 0888242442; 0878283021

Sofia, 43-45 Georg Vashington Str.

Licensed HR Agency is specialized for recruitment of personnel in Bulgaria and abroad. No advance payment required for orders. Discounts are applied for more than 3 positions opened by the customer. Additional services: HR outsourcing and appraisals.

Phone number: 052 917007

Address: Varna, ul. Gen. Kolev 113

Phone number: 02 816 42 58

Address: Sofia, Fr. ZH. Kyuri 20, et. 4, ofis 404

Phone number: 02 4395314

Address: Sofia, ul. Damyan Gruev 38