Car Gas Installations

If you decide to fit your car with a with a bi-fuel installation it is important that you use the services of a specialist. The experienced and qualified specialist who can fit your car with bifuel installation can help you with:
•    detailed information about your specific car model
•    suitable diagnostic equipment and instruments for fast installation with good quality workmanship
•    the necessary spare parts and devices for your car model
•    specialist diagnostic instrumetns for checking the condition of your engine

After the installation is completed you should keep the following in mind:
•    You mustn't let your car to run on an empty petrol tank or a petrol tank with very little fuel. This may prove fatal for your petrol pump.
•    Use only high quality unleaded petrol with the octane number recommended for the model of your car ?
•    Don't forget to change the fuel (petrol) filter as often as recomended by the manufacturer of your vehicle

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