Building and Repair Services in Varna


Phone number: 0877511330; 052511331

Varna, ZPZ, ul.Atanas Moskov, do Metro


Phone number: 0899191188; 0898556127

Varna, 155 Makedonia Str.

Firm 'Voinov' ltd offers wide range of high-quality services, experienced and operative staff, specialised transport, advanced machines and equipment for manufacturing PVC and aluminium doors and windows, and all sorts of construction repair wor


Phone number: 0888395690; 0887895349

Varna, ZPZ, Star domostroitelen kombinat, Kolyo Ficheto Str.

Manufacture of sills, caps, handrail. Plasterboard, plastering, painting, decorative items


Phone number: 0899876699; 0899876899

Varna, 88 Gen.Stoletov str.

Termobild Ltd. is a construction company working in a wide variety of building repairs, construction and other activities, construction and reconstruction of residential and industrial buildings.

Phone number: 089 5645 656

Address: Varna, Slivnitsa 187

Phone number: 052 644 377

Address: Varna, Vl.Varnenchik 110

Phone number: 052 601 101

Address: Varna, Musala 6