Bus Tickets in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0888889086; 024237746

Sofia, 50 B Yillam Gladston Str.

DEMETRA TRANSPORT COMPANY is one of the leading licensed transport companies in Bulgaria. We offer a wide variety of specially selected, comfortable vehicles and additional services such as transfers, excursions, guide services and sightseeing.

Phone number: 052 500795

Address: Varna, Vladislav Varnenchik 158, avtogara

Phone number: 02 8164520

Address: Sofia, TSentralna Gara bul. Knyaginya Mariya Luiza 100

Phone number: 052 602952

Address: Varna, bul. 8-mi Primorski polk

Phone number: 08331 2321

Address: Isperih, Hr.YAsenov 2 ent. A

Phone number: 02 833 4030

Address: Sofia, TSentralna ZHP gara bul. Mariya Luiza 102

Phone number: 038 662175

Address: Haskovo, CHuchuliga 20A

Phone number: 052 504959

Address: Varna, Vl.Varnenchik 156

Phone number: 0700 12222

Address: Sliven, Dimitar Dobrovich 2A