Company 'Geomaks' Ltd is a licensed activity under the Law on Cadastre and Land Registry to carry out investment projects in the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design.

Company "Geomaks" Ltd. was established in 2005 by a sphere of activity - and geodetic survey designing. The company has significant experience in complex surveying services:

  • geodetic and trace images;
  • geodetic processing - supporting geodetic networks, precise leveling and technical, planning and landscaping;
  • development of different types of survey plans and maps in digital form - cadastral plans, vertical planning, planning, land division.
  • development of DSP /development plans/;
  • development of the parcel plans for technical infrastructure;
  • carrying out activities related to investment projects;
  • assessments of agricultural land and perennial plants on them;


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Иванка манолова 13 Jul 2015 20:56

Използвала съм услугите на Геомакс отностно изработване на кадастрален план и съм ги препоръчвала на познати за други геодезически дейности и проучвания.Доволна останах от начина по който си свършиха работата без никакви проблеми.Много добри специалисти са.

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