Curtain Shops in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0887917830; 0885006408

Veliko Tarnovo, 17A Narodni Buditeli Str.


Phone number: 0884970365; 029557269

Sofia, 31 Bakston Blvd.

Shopping in Cortina you will meet our main products in the interior - attractive curtains, fringed decoration, fabric and carpet flooring, brought in taste and sophistication to your rooms at home or at the work place.


Sofia, 189G Cherni vrah Blvd.

We offer a variety of curtains, blinds and electric tracks, fabrics for furniture,outdoor, over new 300 models roller blinds, triple blinds, duo blinds, wood blinds 25mm, 50mm. and new size 35mm.


Phone number: 029831473; 0885901490

Sofia, 54 G. S. Rakovski Str.

Phone number: 042 640203

Address: Stara Zagora, bul. Ruski 10

Phone number: 02 954 94 38

Address: Sofia, Layosh Koshut 10 ent. B

Phone number: 088 7 495 323

Address: Sliven, Ladzhanska 2

Phone number: 02 9526004

Address: Sofia, Gen.Skobelev 31

Phone number: 02 9311566

Address: Sofia, Pirotska 42