Sanitary Materials Shops and Wholesale in Bulgaria


Phone number: 029733855; 028707439

Sofia, Geo Milev, 7 K. Lulchev Str.

Import and distribution of medical devices ? gloves, masks, caps, gowns, spectacles, shoe covers, drapes, scalpels, blades, catheters, urinary bags, three-way stopcocks etc. Registrated ISO 9001:2008


Karnobat, Severna promishlena zona 1

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Phone number: 02 8722432

Address: Sofia, YAvorov bl. 52 fl. 3 ap. 6

Phone number: 056 830 393

Address: Burgas, SHar planina 38

Phone number: 088 5464640

Address: Plovdiv, bul. Knyaginya Mariya Luiza 72

Phone number: 032 941185

Address: Plovdiv, ul. V. Levski 242

Phone number: 02 8211388

Address: Sofia, Zaharna Fabrika, ul. Kukush 1, sgrada Inkoms

Phone number: 0675 33226

Address: Sevlievo, Velikotarnovsko shose 1