Stamps, Labels, Inscriptions and Signs in Varna


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Sofia, ul. Alabin 50A

Printed, souvenir and outdoor advertising. We offer conventional and unconventional advertisement solutions for Your business. The ways are many, the decision is Yours.

Euro-Trade M Ltd.

Phone number: 029732139; 0889468868

Sofia, NPZ Iskar, 5007 Str.

Production of white, colored and printed labels for use of barcode printers, label scales, manual and automatic applicators, marking pliers and hand sticking. we are the only manufacturer of self-adhesive labels A4.

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Address: Sofia, ul. Nishava 165 fl. 1 ap. 1

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Address: Sofia, Dondukov 26

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Address: Sofia, ul. Sultan Tepe 10

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Address: Sofia, ul. Vasil Drumev 36

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Address: Sofia, Vitosha Asen Raztsvetnikov 1B

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Address: Sofia, Filip Kutev 137

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Address: Sofia, Krasno selo ul. Poduevo 5A bl. 9 ent. 5