Spedition and International Transport in Sofia


Phone number: 029459137

Sofia, 1 entr., 2 bl., Airport Sofia

Company SPEEDEX performs cargo and passenger charter flights to all over of the world. We also offer specialized activities related to the preparation and execution of flights with military production, illicit and dangerous goods.


Phone number: 0888876115

Sofia, 61 Nishava Str., B entr.

Interantional transport, forwarding, logistic, overdimentional transports, transports of danger goods, grupage service. Destinations: EU-Asia, EU-Near East. Export and import.


Phone number: 029312088; 029311988

Sofia, 2 Azalia Str.

Our company was established in 2001 by experts with long-time experience in the field of international transport and it is specialized in the field of transportation of chemical products, liquefied gases and other special cargoes.


Phone number: 029459404; 029459403

Sofia, Airport Sofia, bl. 1, ent. 1

Freight forwarding company Smart Express offers sea, air, road, river and railway transport. We specialize in the transport of live animals. Groupage shipments. Customs agency. Transportation of oversize and dangerous goods.

LKW WALTER Internationale Transportorganisation AG

Phone number: 435777733

Sofia, 14 Industriezentrum NOE-Sued Strasse

Our Core Business is the organisation of full truck loads by road and in Combined Transport throughout Europe and to/from Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.


Phone number: 02 9632158; 088 5289839

Sofia, ul. TSanko TSerkovski 6

International transport in EU-cargo, transporting of hanging garments, refrigerated trucks, transport express shipments import/export, transport of furniture and personal baggage, transport in country, container shipping worldwide groupage ti/from EU


Sofia, ul. Geo Milev 132 ent. B

Natalie 88 licensed international road transport. We provide domestic and international traffic. It owns a fleet meeting the new European standards for international carriage of goods by qualified professionals.