Cargo transporation of oversized and heavy units, spesialized in transport of military and dangerous goods including IMO class 1, ship agent, custom agent, logistics, chartering

Shipping /Marine transportation/

- Chartering - hiring the whole or parts of the ship to transport your cargo regardless of its size and type as well as  specialized vessels for the transport of dangerous goods, military production, with or without the hazard class IMO

- transportation of oversized and heavy units

- Ship agency Burgas, Varna, Nessebur    
- Ship Supply - fuel, water, provisions  
- Change of crew and passengers - documents, transit visas    
- Coordination of the shippers, stevedores and shipping administration with the purpose of rapid and efficient loading, unloading, storage and consolidation of the cargo. 
- Hiring or performance of sub agent / Trusted / Protecting agent 
- Servicing vessels during repair at the quay / dry dock or shipway.  
- Delivery of ship spares / Repairs  
- Hospitalization of the crew or passengers


Land transport

- domestic and international road transport for both truck and group
- railway transport
- preparing the necessary documentation - CMR, TIR Carnet
- organization of loading and discharging
- storage
- bank guarantee

Air transport

- chartering special planes to transport dangerous goods on air
- permissions for overflight and landing with cargo "forbidden to transport by air”
- consultations
- Aircraft servicing at airports

  On top of all this, for your own peace of mind, during transportation we also offer you Cargo insurance by almost all insurers operating in the market


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