Accounting office Atlas

ATLAS accounting firm offers its clients: audit, corporate accounting, financial and tax advice, administering the payroll. The Firm specializes in servicing small and medium enterprises.

Accounting office Atlas offers you:

- Audit

- Corporate accounting

- Financial and tax advice

- Administration of salaries.

Our accounting office Atlas operates since 1994.

Manager and Chief Accountant is Radka Georgieva - Certified Public Accountant since 1993.

Our clients have long entrust for us their accounts of companies involved in tourism, manufacturing, trade, health care, education and trainings.

Important advantage of working with us for our customers is carrying out of their financial management. This frees our clients from their care to maintain the specialized accounting department.

The basic principles of our work is ensuring security, accuracy, integrity, stability and privacy of our customers, as responsibilities of our work.


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Михаела Вълева 21 May 2015 15:04

Атлас ни водят фирменото счетоводство от много години. Можем да разчитаме на тях във всеки един момент. Компетентни, точни и отгворни. Препоръчвам ги за всякакви счетоводни услуги.

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