Cold and Thermal Metal Processing Machines and Equipment in Bulgaria


Sofia, 26 Tundzha Str.

Aluminium casting - gravity casting in metal forms, sand casting. Machining - serial CNC turning, milling, broaching. Mold equipment, non-standart equipment, 3D modeling and design.


Sliven, 59 Tsar Simeon Str.

machines and equipment as textile machinery, universal and CNC machine tools, flexible machining lines and cells for the automotive industry, automatic systems, hydraulic components and systems have been manufactured.


Phone number: 0882171716; 0882122970

Pernik, Moshino Nbh., Zavodski stroezhi, 8-10 Atanas Burov Str.

Engineering, manufacturing, mounting and maintenance of machines and equipment for metallurgy, hoisting-transport, crushing installations, quarry and mineral materials screening and classification as well as machines by customer's documentation


Dryanovo, A ent., 13 Dimitar Krusev

TISINA Ltd. has specialized in the manufacturing of iron casts produced from GREY (type GJL) and SPHEROIDAL GRAPHITE (type GJS) cast iron and steel with maximum weight 400 kilograms.

Phone number: 0357 5183

Address: Panagyurishte, Industrialna zona

Phone number: 089 8580430

Address: Balchik, Balik bl. 35 ent. A

Phone number: 088 8634495

Address: Sofia, Studentski grad ul.Vitali Tadzher 18