University Exam Preparation Classes

5 pros and cons of Tutoring or Individual lessons

Many disciplines can be trained by a tutor/ teacher. Everybody could start individual lessons such as language classes, university exam preparation classes, afterschool classes, dance classes and many others.

Convenient time for lessons can be discussed with the teacher.
Convenient place - lessons can be carried out either at office or at a place specified by the client.
Private lessons are carried out according to the individual demands of the client. Even though studying in a group can turn to be much more effective, especially in learning foreign languages.
Training might be more expensive than training in a group, but client usually pays only attended lessons. Less technical resources are usually provided in this kind of training.  Certificates and diplomas usually cannot be obtained. 
Schools and Courses
The field of education services is highly competitive. It is important to check if the chosen organisation is licensed for providing services. 
Most schools and educational centres do not need certificates from the Ministry of Education. Check their building facilities. For example:
Is there enough light in the rooms, enough space for students, fire safety;
Does the school work according to international standards in its field – do they provide preparation for international exams and certificates etc.?