Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in Dobrich


Phone number: 0885791764; 0897031041

Stara Zagora, 168 Tsar Simeon Veliki Blvd., Business Center Link, office 58

The main business of the company is carriage of passengers by bus in Bulgaria and abroad. Serveces:-Excursions -Carriage of company employees and personnel of other organizations to their workplace and vice versa -Transfer from airports, hotels.

Phone number: 042 257018

Address: Stara Zagora, TSar Simeon Veliki 96

Phone number: 042 230 112

Address: Stara Zagora, bul. TSar Simeon Veliki

Phone number: 042 622663

Address: Stara Zagora, TSar Simeon Veliki 84

Phone number: 042 627583

Address: Stara Zagora, Ruski 44

Phone number: 042 629020

Address: Stara Zagora, ul. Hadzhi Dimitar Asenov 89 fl. 1 ap. 5

Phone number: 089 6615830

Address: Stara Zagora, ul. Gen. Gurko 54, pod parkinga na hotel Vereya