Can you imagine urban life without taxis? They take you where you’re heading and save you time and energy particularly if you are not familiar with a city.

In Bulgaria, you can order a taxi service by phone. Alternatively, jump in any of the yellow cars carrying a taxi sign waiting in line on the street, or wave down a passing one. The green dot in the passenger’s side of the windscreen signals that a taxi is free, the red one – that it is occupied. Do check out the rates displayed on the side of the doors and inside the car. Generally taxi drivers don't speak foreign languages and are always short of small change.

Shuttle minibuses called marshrutki operate in cities and resorts. Their routes are displayed on the front, and the minibuses themselves are numbered. Wave one down to stop it, hop in and, if in Sofia, hand the driver 1.50 leva. Get off wherever you want along the route.