Sports and Tourist Clothes and Accessories Shops in Burgas


Germany, Meininge, Schinkelstrasse 15


Welcome to Sportgeraete Zweitausend GmbH! Thank you for your interest in our products. We are happy to answer all your questions. Please contact us!


Germany, Melle, Hoppenbrockweg 13


The cornerstone of our product portfolio consists of business and sports shirts, blouses and polo shirts for men and women.


phone: 056874470

address: Burgas, ul.Tsar Kaloyan 162, do magazin Bila


phone: 0894 681 907

address: Burgas, Transportna, Mall Burgas Plaza


phone: 0885 251 892

address: Burgas, Bogoridi 30


phone: 056581377

address: Burgas, Slaveykov, bl. 22


phone: 056887301

address: Burgas, Slaveykov