Souvenirs Manufacturing and Wholesale in Bulgaria


Phone number: 029516768

Sofia, 21 Sliven Str.

Working with us,you will have a loyal partner for your usual and routine projects for advertising materials.The variety of VIP presents and brands that we offer guarantees the high quality that you need to achieve your advertising goals.


Phone number: 088821387; 052730444

Varna, ul. TSonyo Todorov 13 fl. 3

Laser Cutting of all types of metal. Prefabrication of advertising and industry parts. Laser marking.

Phone number: 02 9804097, 02 9812405, 02 9812410

Address: Sofia, ul. Gurgulyat 8

Phone number: 088 5 762278

Address: Plovdiv, YUzhen ul. Zdravets 7

Phone number: 088 6434675

Address: Lovech, bul. Balgariya 10

Phone number: 0896 607830

Address: Varna, G. Krastevich 1

Phone number: 056 836044

Address: Burgas, Al.Stamboliyski 20