Shopping Malls

Places that sell everything from bread and tomatoes to toilet paper and lighting bulbs to pajamas and umbrellas are not really a modern concept. These existed in the past too, and in Bulgaria they were called mixed shops. Their contemporary versions go buy the name of commercial centers. When really large – by Bulgarian standards, that is, they earn the title shopping malls.

There surely is at least one that is close to you. However, it’s hardly the only one in your city/area. If you have the time, it’s worth checking out all of them so that you know what you can find and where: foods, clothes, shoes or cell phones, and compare prices.

Malls and their sister venues, the commercial centers, are quite handy if you cannot afford the time to do your shopping during the day or indeed during the week but leave it to evening hours or weekends. If you get hungry in the process, there’s no need for you to go some place else – all you need to do is find the food corner.