Security and Signalling Systems and Devices in Plovdiv


Plovdiv, 16 Karlovsko shose Str., complex Andi

ANDY was established in 1993 and is one of the leading companies on the Bulgarian market in the field of technical design, supply, installation and maintenance of security systems, low voltage and electrical installations, fire fighting systems.


Phone number: 032580517; 032942175

Plovdiv, bul. Balgariya 111

Company Yolani deals with repair and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment since 2001. In the next two years expanded its project for installation, maintenance and monitoring of diesel generators.

Phone number: 089 8524509

Address: Plovdiv, Trakiya bul. Osvobozhdenie

Phone number: 032 620965

Address: Plovdiv, Dragan TSankov 24

Phone number: 032 676665

Address: Plovdiv, Kuklensko shose 17

Phone number: 032 642 742

Address: Plovdiv, ul. Valko SHopov 16

Phone number: 032 644844

Address: Plovdiv, Hr.Botev 39

Phone number: 032 578924

Address: Plovdiv, ul. Kapitan Raycho 83