Secondary Schools

Pupils from the primary (1st to 4th grade) and secondary (5th to 8th grade) school levels go to secondary schools. In Bulgaria, secondary education is compulsory. Education begins when a child turns 7, but it is possible to start school at 6, if the parents wish so. Although kindergartens are optional pre-school education which starts at 6 is mandatory and provided by the government. A child can complete their year as a preschooler either at a state kindergarten or at a secondary school depending on the area or preferences.

After 4th grade pupils who go to primary school move on to a secondary school or a high school (8-12th grade). Most schools are state-owned with the curriculum approved by the education ministry. There are private secondary schools as well and many of them offer nursery and pre-school education too.

In Bulgaria, the school year begins on 15th September and ends in May or June depending on the grade.

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