Rubber and Elastic Materials and Products Manufacturing and Wholesale in Sofia


Phone number: 029587356; 029586432

Sofia, 73 ap., G ent., 24A bl., Gotse Delchev boul.

Fatokem Ltd. is an official representative for and distributor at the Bulgarian market of several leading companies dealing mainly in the field of paint & lacquers, construction, plastics, ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fuel additives

Phone number: 02 931 04 48

Address: Sofia, Otets Paisiy 71

Phone number: 0887 695 599

Address: Sofia, Dianabad bl. 12 ent. G fl. 6 ap. 84

Phone number: 02 9673117

Address: Sofia, Dragalevtsi ul. Maestro G.Atanasov 10

Phone number: 088 8452520

Address: Sofia, Studentski grad ul. Hristo Vakarelski bl. 13A

Phone number: 088 8308251

Address: Sofia, ul. prof. Ivan Georgov 3