Rope Access Services - Exterior Building Maintenance

Providers and Services

The construction and repair sector is one of the fastest growing in Bulgaria. Consequently there are a large number of companies and businesses offering a wide variety of services ranging from construction of new buildings, to full refurbishment of existing buildings and repair and maintenance services. Painting and decorating,  installation of wooden floors, laying of carpets, vinyls and glazed or ceramic tiles; ground coats; installation  and repairing joinery; installation of aluminum and PVC sills, insulation of buildings, replacement windows (glass and PVC) are just a few of the services on offer.

These services are widely advertised, (e.g. free adverts in newspapers, internet sites, flyers and direct mail), and consumers can be overwhelmed by the variety of services on offer - walls demolition, construction scrap collection; roof repairs or even electrical installation and plumbing services to name a few.

However the quality and reliability of the service providers varies and consumers are advised to check the credentials and references of businesses before appointing them to undertake building or repair works.

Warranty and Agreements

You should sign a contract regardless of whether the provider is a company or a sole trader. The contract describes the required building or repairing activities, square surface, price and agreed completion deadlines. If the client requires additional services they can be added as an annex to the contract.

A signed agreement gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that if things go wrong you can take your case to the Commission for Consumer Protection or to court.

A contract protects you from paying higher than the agreed price in case of unexpected delays, which are caused by the builder and for which they should be completed at his expense.

Insist on a warranty for building and repair services. Usually a warranty term is offered by bigger companies, which can provide a variety of specialists. However, bigger companies usually insist on providing not only labour but also the building materials. This can add between 20 and 30 % to the cost but it will save you time and effort for purchasing and transportation of materials.

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