Residential Construction in Varna


Varna, ul. Peyo YAvorov 33 - ofis

Construction company registered in the p. of the builder with 18 years experience. Engineers design any type of construction, technical passport, passport energy.


Phone number: 0885732572

Varna, Chayka Nbh., bl. 21, ent. A, groundfloor

Masha Krass

Phone number: 087 8364168

Varna, ul. Opalchenska 10

Company 'Masha Krass' Ltd. was founded in 2003 in Varna.Its main business is the investment in building of real estates and then selling the property.The company is also involved in the development of certain territories and accomplishing infrastru

Phone number: 089 9968170

Address: Varna, TSar Osvoboditel 76G

Phone number: 052 608391

Address: Varna, N. Kanev 1

Phone number: 088 8445000

Address: Varna, CHayka bl. 185 fl. 7 ap. 21

Phone number: 052 303691

Address: Varna, Izgrev, partsel 2883A

Phone number: 052 601796

Address: Varna, R.Popovich 17

Phone number: 089 9980900

Address: Varna, TSar Osvoboditel 50

Phone number: 052 572 285

Address: Varna, Balgariya 829