Railway Transport in Bulgaria


Phone number: 029312088; 029311988

Sofia, 2 Azalia Str.

Our company was established in 2001 by experts with long-time experience in the field of international transport and it is specialized in the field of transportation of chemical products, liquefied gases and other special cargoes.


Burgas, 4 fl., 32 Gen. Gurko str.

Cargo transporation of oversized and heavy units, spesialized in transport of military and dangerous goods including IMO class 1, ship agent, custom agent, logistics, chartering


Phone number: 032580517; 032942175

Plovdiv, bul. Balgariya 111

Company Yolani deals with repair and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment since 2001. In the next two years expanded its project for installation, maintenance and monitoring of diesel generators.

Phone number: 02 944 62 34

Address: Sofia, Evl.Georgiev 46-A

Phone number: 088 7215115

Address: Burgas, Proizvodstvena ploshtadka na Lukoil Neftohim Burgas AD

Phone number: 042 630633

Address: Stara Zagora, Industrialen

Phone number: 071503 278

Address: Dolno Kamartsi, Predgarova 1

Phone number: 02 988 81 97

Address: Sofia, Dyakon Ignatiy 2 fl. 1