Professional Catering Equipment in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0898484848; 0898771177

Sofia, 228 Lomsko shose Blvd.

Right Rental is a company that provides rental tents and catering equipment for private, corporate and sports events. We are an established Bulgarian market leader in event management logistics and construction of multipurpose facilities/tents.

De Longhi Service Sofia

Phone number: 0878204957; 029799576

Sofia, G ent., 51 Hemus str.

De Longhi Service Sofia offers advice, diagnosis, repair and servicing of coffee machines with the brand 'De Longhi'. We provide express maintenance services and emergency removal of sudden technical problems with your coffee maker 'De Longhi'.

Phone number: 02 9632371

Address: Sofia, Druzhba1 ul. Tirana 23 bl. 122

Phone number: 088 8263606

Address: Varna, Slivnitsa 85

Phone number: 052 306 362

Address: Varna, Pchelina

Phone number: 088 7424361

Address: Sofia, bul. Todor Kableshkov 1

Phone number: 02 829 02 45

Address: Sofia, Serdika, ul.Ohridsko ezero, bl.12A, magazin

Phone number: 056 830618

Address: Burgas, Demokratsiya 33