Pharmacies in Plovdiv


Phone number: 0879839658

Plovdiv, Trakiya Nbh., Saedinenie Str., TK Bratya Mirchevi

You will be welcomed by professionals and friends will see you off! Partner of the Regional Health Insurance Fund, Medical devices and supplies; Wide range of nutritional supplements and herbs; Medical cosmetics.

Phone number: 032 632 653

Address: Plovdiv, S.Filaretov 4

Phone number: 032 634305

Address: Plovdiv, Zornitsa 7

Phone number: 02 8687006

Address: Sofia, Lozenets,bul.CHerni vrah 80

Phone number: 032 632258

Address: Plovdiv, Bogomil 84

Phone number: 032 676970

Address: Plovdiv, Malgara 4