Sales Trainings

Have you noticed how good the Golden Pages Sales Consultants are?

Using our expertise and many years of practical sales experience across many different business sectors and industries, a team of trainers from Golden Pages can train your sales team and help to generate increased revenues for your business!

The main task of any sales training is to familiarise traders with the theory and practice of successful selling which will allow them to expand their accumulated knowledge at the time and motivate them to achieve long-term success in their work. Understanding what's driving your customers to purchase your products/services will allow your sales people to build and maintain successful business relationships with your customers and to drive increased sales.

Learning Objectives

At the end of a sales training course traders are significantly more able to:

·                Plan correctly the day, tasks and meetings with clients

·                Prepare for the call to organize a meeting

·                Prepare for individual meetings - competition, knowledge of the client's business, effective questions that will help them better identify the client’s needs

·                Understand the body language of the client and to control their own messages

·                Control the conversation and negotiation with the client

·                Formulate a logical conversation with the client and their company presentation and product

·                Overcome objections

·                End the meeting with clear next steps

All of our training programmes are customised for our clients so that we may maximise the training delivered. This is a key difference between Golden Pages and other training providers – we offer bespoke solutions for your specific needs and requirements, not an ‘out-of-the-box’ course.


A sample of our recent clients includes:

·                Insurance Broker - Sales training for agents selling insurance face to face to consumers

·                INVESTOR BG - Sales training for advertising sales team

·                JobTiger - Sales training for team selling recruitment services

·                R3 Infomedia, Macedonia - Sales training for advertising sales team (both field and telesales teams)

·                United Health Insurance – recruitment, selection, training of sales team and interim management of the company