Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising varies from simple paper posters (especially in cities that actually HAVE locations to stick those legally) up to huge "wrappers" of large construction sites... The common element is that the advert tries to capture your attention out of your home ("out-of-home" adevrtising, or OOH in some literature) - i.e. near streets, on the walls of buildings etc.

The basic terms you will discuss after calling the outdoor agency may be: advertising constructions (billboard, pizza, rockets), materials for production (vynil, front-lit, back-lit), non standard formats (walls, tents, illuminated boxes, neon lights), transport advertising (special car foil, UV protection) etc.

Some new trends in outdoor advertising include "moving images" like LED sreens on main squares acrooss cities, LCD and Plasma screens in malls, pharmacies, banks and other public locations etc.

Golden Pages may offer advertsing at some partner's locations in Burgas and other cities.

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