Design, supply, installing and service of heating, air conditioning, solar, plumbing and gas facilities with relevant certificates; Import and trading of HVAC equipment. Official distributor of evaporative coolers Breezair for Bulgaria.

 Zi Zi - Zelenchenko


  • Supply of heating, air conditioning, solar and gas facilities with relevant certificates;
  • Consulting, design, installation, and servicing of heating, gas, air conditioning, solar, plumbing and electrical systems for industrial and domestic purposes.

The design department has the most modern office equipment and software applications in the field of domestic and industrial gas supply, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, pressure boosting systems, solar hot water installations.

We have production facilities equipped with everything necessary for the development of parts of different frame size (hammer drills, rotary hammers, drills, special tools for installation and maintenance of machinery, etc.). We have cars and trucks servicing our business.

We have built a structure to ensure good quality installation and repairs, and selling products. Each item has a quality certificate attached to his passport.

We have qualified and authorized service for the proposed technique with the potential to remove problems in guarantee and installation within 24 hours in the territory of Varna and Dobrich.

We are certified for installation and maintenance of gas equipment and installations with working pressures up to 0.6 MPa.


We offer:

  • facilities for utilization of biomass;
  • pellets;
  • solid fuel boilers;
  • boilers, liquid and gaseous fuels;
  • gas boilers and convectors of gas;
  • pellet, oil and gas burners;
  • Electric boilers;
  • infrared heating;
  • radiators - variations of aluminum, steel and cast iron;
  • towel;
  • solar collectors;
  • boilers and heat pumps;
  • gas boilers;
  • buffer vessels;
  • pumps;
  • air conditioners;
  • pipe systems;
  • valves, regulating and measuring;
  • insulation;
  • expansion vessels;
  • flues;
  • adiabatic coolers.

Zi Zi - Zelenchenko is the exclusive distributor of adiabatic coolers Breezair for Bulgaria.

Successfully sell and install the equipment of leading companies in the field of heating, air conditioning and solar installations:

  • MTA
  • Vaillant
  • Sunsystem
  • HERZ
  • Honeywell
  • WOLF
  • WILO
  • Breezair


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Тихомир Минев 14 May 2015 13:03

Миналата година сложихме локално парно в къщата. На въглища ни излиза много по евтино да се топлим от колкото на ток. Взехме котел и радиатори от Зизи. Хората дойдоха монтираха всичко както си трябва. Ако има някакъв проблем предлагат и сервиз.

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