Vertikali Architectural Studio

Interior Design Center VERTIKALI is based on competent interconnection between designers, importers, producers and executors. We give an aesthetic and functional meaning to the space and reach a high level of performance and quality of materials.

VERTIKALI ltd. was established in 2007 on the basis of 15 years of design experience of arch. Tsvetan Simeonov and the design practice of STUDIO MIARA and ARCHITECTURAL ATELIER SIMEONOV.

The quality of the architectural and interior design works has been acknowledged by number of rewards and diplomas by professional committees of national competitions and exhibitions.

The team performs a wide range of design activities:

  • Urban Planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior and Furniture Design

In case of interest, we could also provide by the help of Associated partners complete service covering the fulfillment, control and responsibility for the final realization of the designers' idea.


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ДИЗАЙН ЦЕНТЪР ВЕРТИКАЛИ ми проектираха и изпълниха интериора на бара. Стана супер точно както си го представях. От проект до реализация с всичко те се занимаваха. Много добра организация направиха, всичко мина по вода.

Фани Борисова 05 Jun 2015 19:36

Искам да похваля фирма Вертикали, която ни изготви архитектурен проект за къща. Стана страхотна, съобразиха се с всичките ни желания, за да се сдобием с мечтания дом. Използвахме услугите им и за консултации по интериора. Чудесни професионалисти!

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