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Varrio Sport - All Seasons Outdoor is an internet platform for sport equipment, lifestyle fashion, accessories and free information for all active and healthy-minded people. So many products, information and accessories for all outdoor sports.

Varrio Sport-All Seasons Outdoor is an online platform for sport equipment, lifestyle fashion, accessories, innovative products, literature, maps and information for all active and healthy-minded people who love all outdoor adventures and want to be in a perfect body and mind fit. provides great selection of products for your favourite sport and hobby. You can find everything you need for all outdoor activities:

Winter sports:
•    Ski-free ride
•    Snowboard
•    Snow kite
•    Mountaineering
•    Ice climbing
•    Winter equipment
•    Winter shoes
•    Specialized accessories

Land sports:
•    Running
•    Mountain running
•    Bike
•    Surviving
•    Camping
•    Rock climbing
•    Horse riding
•    Specialized accessories

Water sports:
•    Windsurf
•    Kitesurf
•    Sailing
•    Kayak
•    Sup
•    Diving
•    Swimming
•    Specialized electronics

Air sports:
•    Paragliding
•    Parachuting
•    Specialized electronics
•    Drons
•    Aviation
•    Power kites
•    Specialized electronics

   In order to be well prepared for your safe and attractive outdoor adventure you can browse at

•    Best sellers in  sport literature full of interesting adventures, missions, autobiographies of famous athletes- inspiring and motivating many people, explorers, expeditions

•    The newest maps of all Bulgarian mountains
•    Worldwide maps for sailing, Black Sea, Mediterranean sea
•    Worldwide мarina/harbour pilot books
•    European road maps
•    Travel guides in different languages

Electronics - great variety of sport electronics to make your outdoor experience safer:
•    Watches
•    Bracelets
•    Chargers
•    Gps electronics
•    Navigation and satellite equipment
•    Sailing and fishing tools

There is no way to pass through an adventure without your extreme and action cameras. Varrio Sport recommends you:

•    Extreme and professional digital cameras by world top brands Nikon, Olympus & Scubapro
•    Action cameras by Garmin, Nikon, Olympus & Scubapro
•    Specialized compasses, binoculars and monoculars by Konus, Olympus and Nikon
•    And many more innovative electronic and mechanical  gadgets

Varrio Sport - All Seasons Outdoor possesses a great assortment of useful products combined with professional consultations and high level customer orientated service.

•    We're on 24/7
•    Express delivery - 1-2 days worldwide
•    Easy and fast comunication
•    Fast feedback
•    Safety certificates from Google, Borica, Easy Pay, Visa, PayPal,
•    Payment systems – credit or debit cards, PayPal, bank transfer
•    Call center

Our mission is:
•    To show that the outdoor and extreme sports are available and safe for everyone
•    To find the shortest way  between you and all newest and innovative products and that’s why we invest to explore the latest technologies, attend all world exhibitions and participate in the biggest sport organizations
•    To make the right mix of products, prices and service

Why outdoor?

The nature's beauty, combined with all contemporary technologies, gives us the chance to be explorers, to captivate and protect our world, discovering it with love and care.

To save our nature and outdoor, we should be active anytime and anywhere. There are our families, friends, our best memories and emotions, our dreams of adventure.

The outdoor is the real world filled with health, power, wisdom, peace and beauty. – All Seasons Outdoor
We wish you great outdoor experience offline and inspirational moments online!


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